Most of the problems with distrustful players with the search for really useful tips for choosing reliable online institutions and disinterested recommendations of experienced gamblers. We, in turn, will try to paint all the inside story of where to start in online casino to play. We share the position, when before replenishing the account in a new game for themselves, a person first learns about it as much information as possible, and only after that joins the ranks of regulars of online casinos.

A gambler who considers it a matter of prime importance to understand the matter and does not invest all his savings in the casino gambling method in the first advertising announcement that is really worthy of respect. We will try to describe the main points how to start playing online casinos, and at the same time share some secrets.


Let’s be frank: at first acquaintance with online casino gambling players do not pay attention to what software is the basis of the institution’s functionality. This is a big mistake, since it is the software and the subtleties of the work that developers put into it that determine the quality of the available games. In addition, the fullest descriptions of various gambling games are often given only on the sites of developers.

We advise you to act according to the following algorithm: when you go to a new online casino, look for information about the game provider (it’s very good if the vendors are such giants of the gambling industry as RivalGaming, Cryptologic, VegasTechnology, Playtech, RealTimeGaming, Microgaming). After learning the name of the game vendor, go to the developer’s site and read the detailed description of the game you are interested in. The ultimate player on hand and the fact that in different networks of online institutions that use the games of the same developers, provide players with a similar set of games. In addition, real casinos offer machines with the same games as in online casinos!

The above companies are leaders of the industry, so the presence of their products on the site of an online casino can be an indirect confirmation of the reliability of a virtual institution.

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After you limit the number of applicants to several online casinos that satisfy your needs, be patient and learn about every entertainment institution as much as possible. If you find on the Internet reviews of real players and detailed information about them (a big plus, if the information is in English), then this is only for you. Many gamblers do not hesitate to share information about the rules in different online casinos and give some advice on the game from themselves.

Thinking about how to start playing online slot machines, visit at least a few large gaming portals and popular forums where different casinos are actually being discussed. If you like a little-known institution, then the principle of your actions should be the same – look for it as much as possible of reliable information. In case of the slightest doubt (for example, negative feedback), it is better to be safe and forget about this institution for a while.

It does not hurt to learn the user agreement. This document traditionally describes the restrictions for players and the obligations of the casino in front of them. After reading this document, you can discover the unacceptable moments and stop the beginning of the game. Also, the domestic policy of a number of online casinos implies a categorical restriction for players from a number of countries. Pay attention to the bonus programs. They should be interesting, and their conditions by definition should not cause the desire to quickly close the page with their description.

We advise you not to bribe on loud offers of huge bonuses: carefully read each point of the terms of their provision. If you prefer to play in a particular game, choose the online casino, which provides the most favorable terms of the game.

A fan of large bets should find an institution with special conditions for high rollers. Of great importance is the design of the site of online casinos: it is inadmissible some oversights and shortcomings. In general, it should be pleasant, but not provocative. You, of course, can get used to any design, but considering all the variety of online casinos, with the shortcomings in the design of the site is unlikely to be tolerated.
The most famous and prestigious online casinos work according to the same scheme: they offer the player to register and download the client program to their computer. By means of the last player and starts the game. Recently, the popularity of flash versions of casinos is growing, which allow not to install a client on the computer, but launch different games directly in the browser window. This is a rather convenient option, since a gambler does not always have access to his computer, and it is not recommended to install the client on another’s computer for security reasons.

Some serious requirements to the hardware filling of the computer programs-clients of online casinos do not show. The client can start without any problems even on a ten-year old computer or on a low-power netbook. The clients are installed very simply, and with this there are no problems even for novice users.

If your connection to the Internet is limited by some fixed traffic (actual for smartphone users), then using the client adapted for the operating system of the device, you exclude excessive use of traffic, as during the game there is minimal data exchange.


This is one of the most important issues. The lack of information and the prevalence of inaccurate data led to the fact that many new players formed a clear distrust of a number of existing ways of replenishing the account in online casinos. In this regard, you can recommend compliance with one simple rule – do not trust anyone’s information about your card and do not specify its PIN code. The same applies to authorization data to your online wallet.

Observance of the described rules will save you from most of the troubles with payment. As for the flow of funds directly to the online casino, they guarantee reliable protection of all money.

The online casino sites describe in detail all supported ways of money transfer, including popular electronic payment systems, with a detailed description of their application.

One of the most popular and reliable ways to replenish balance in an online casino is a credit card or bank transfer. Having stopped the choice in favor of any particular electronic payment system, you can always consult on all the issues of interest at the casino forum, technical support service for users or representatives of this payment system.

Choose the system that everyone knows about and there is a lot of information about it on the Internet. As for little-known systems attracting the most favorable terms and low commission, we advise them to avoid.


Here everything is simple: if the site has a English-language interface and data in forms is allowed to enter in English, then there are no problems. If the interface on the English site and the form must be filled in English, then find the “Registry” button and click it. Take your passport, or driver’s license, or a contract from the bank to service your credit card and carefully fill all the fields by analogy from real documents.

Specify at registration only truthful information, otherwise you will have difficulties with money transfer and withdrawal of the winnings. Once again, we remind: do not tell anyone and under any circumstances confidential information about your credit cards or Internet purses.

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Actually, all of the above just came down to the game. If you consider all the tips given by us, then you will comfortably spend time in an online casino and get a lot of fun, as if you really were at the real table of your favorite gambling in the casino. And yet, we recommend starting the game for new automatic machines or gaming tables in the test mode, and only after that go to the real money game mode. Learn the game interface, deal with all the menu items and buttons – they all will be useful to you.