Secrets of winnings in casinos

Both experienced players and newcomers who first appeared in online casinos ask the same question: “How to win in chosen casino online?”. And if the newcomer cherishes the hope that he will really be helped overnight to solve all his problems, then the inveterate player will grin happily on himself.


The realities of the gambling industry are such that no one wins constantly – this is impossible. None of the existing strategies does not increase the player’s chances of winning, as the advantage of the casino is embedded in the algorithms of the games themselves, all the software and all the slots. And at the same time, observing some rules of a successful online casino game, a player can not only achieve stable success, but also learn how to get real pleasure from the game.

First, we’ll look at the main types of gaming machines. Trends in the development of the industry are such that slot machines with five reels have become the most popular option for slot machines. Of course, there are quite a few slots with a different number of drums, but they did not get the same popularity. All game combinations on the screen slot machines appear in a sequence specified by the so-called random number generator (RNG). This program guarantees the integrity of the game process and the impossibility of its adjustment in its own interests, both from the side of the institution and from the player’s side.

If the slot machine is on a network with a progressive jackpot, be prepared to give a small percentage of the bet made to the overall prize pool every time you start the reels. This scheme makes it possible to win truly huge sums of money.


All online casinos and rules of a successful game are reduced to understanding the player of the mechanism of the game. For a wide variety, a separate gaming machine can have a whole set of unique special characters. So, the most common are scatter symbols (they are also scatter symbols). Their main feature is the possibility of scatter on all the drums, regardless of the line. The appearance of three such symbols means a win for the player and a subsequent payout. The more symbols – the higher the winning amount. And in such games the total rate is taken into account. Often the appearance of three or more scatter symbols initiates the launch of a bonus game or the offering of several free machine starts.

The second special symbol in the original language sounds like a wild symbol. This is a very useful symbol, since its appearance means the possibility of substituting the missing sign in combination, except for the bonus image or the scatter symbol.


As a rule, the activation of bonus games is preceded by the display of a certain number and sequence of bonus symbols. The introduction of bonus symbols greatly adds to the fascination of the game. However, the presence or absence of bonus symbols does not in any way affect the profitability of the machine for the player, so you can not feed illusions on this matter.

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As we already noted above, the activation of the bonus game is a consequence of displaying a certain combination and the number of bonus symbols on the screen of the gaming machine. Typically, the player is given the right to choose between several free spins or a bonus game. The choice in favor of this or that option is a personal matter of the player. During the spins, the payout is paid to the player at an increased ratio, while the bonus game assumes colorful levels with increasing prizes for a successful transition through the levels. All these subtleties give the game process a variety and its flavor.

The higher the percentage of payments in a particular slot machine, the more likely it is for the player to win. It is quite logical that experienced players choose slots, based on this feature. But the game realities are such that the huge competition in the market has brought all differences in slots to approximately the same percentage of payments. It does not matter which corner of the world you decide to play automata. Most of them are produced by such world leading manufacturers as Microgaming, RTG, Playtech, which predetermines the same payments from the machine to the machine.

The only way to increase your chances for a higher payout percentage is to abandon the progressive jackpot. The whole point is that every bet on slots with a progressive jackpot connected to the network implies paying a certain percentage to the jackpot fund. If you do not believe in your prospects to win the latter, then this subtlety will help to slightly increase your percentage of payments.

Pay special attention to the organization of the game process in the machine. In the priority slot with a colorful gameplay, with different bonuses and matching certain topics. Do not spend time behind slots, the organization of games in which does not cause your enthusiasm.
If one of your friends of acquaintances or casual counterparts in a casino suddenly starts to assure you that he knows a win-win system, do not believe a single word of it. To win a random number generator and win at the casino is impossible! All that the vaunted systems of playing casino are capable of is keeping the original bankroll for a longer period and a point. They somewhat streamline the gameplay and even bring diversity to it, but no more.


Do not waste time on machines with a payout percentage below 95%. Information on the percentage of payments of a slot can always be found on the relevant forums on the Internet. These data are published even by machine manufacturers and official online casinos.

Carefully study the payout table of the selected machine. This knowledge will help you competently distribute your money.

Always set limits for the current game session and do not spend more than planned.

During the game, pause. Automatons are tightening gambling people. The time behind them flies unnoticed, so if you notice such slack, set the alarm on your phone to take a short break at least every hour.

Remember that casino wins in long gaming sessions, so do not rush to bet if it’s not necessary.

If you are lucky, and you win, pack up things and go away – you will not be luckier today.

During gambling you can not be too addicted to alcohol. This seriously damages the emotional stability of some people, and leads to unjustified spending.
Only play in reliable gambling establishments with a good reputation.

Given the above recommendations, you can get more fun from the game process and save yourself from unforeseen waste or a fatal loss. Do not set a goal to bankrupt the casino, since the final outcome will always be the same – you will go bankrupt yourself. The main thing is to get pleasure from the process.